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Have you ever heard yourself utter the following words:

“I should really read more.”

Is it something you just don’t remember to do? Perhaps you are convinced you don’t have the time for it. Maybe your love for reading fiction has been killed by an obligation to read other less-interesting texts.

It took me a long time to get back into reading after my English degree. I had to force my way through several painfully dull novels during that course that I couldn’t bring myself to pick up another book for a good while after.

Books quiz.jpgI have come to realise that it’s very easy to be really prescriptive with ourselves over what we SHOULD read. Some sort of classic, at some point. No chick lit (well, only in secret). No young adult fiction unless everyone goes wild for it like with Harry Potter and Twilight. I should probably read some useful non-fiction as well, like a biography. But not David Beckham’s, no, Mother Theresa’s or someone like that (I’m not implying that hers would be boring, by the way).

Sound familiar? We can try to make what should be pleasurable and enjoyable into something that has to be productive. And it can kill it dead. There are no rules when it comes to reading. If you skip to the end to find out? Well that’s your choice. Getting bored? Don’t finish it then – that’s not a crime.

Reading is worthwhile. Almost any book you read has the capacity to teach you about the world in which you live, and about the person that you are. Storytelling is a widely recommended technique for effective teaching. On the flip side, that would mean that reading lots of stories is a means by which we can learn a great deal, even without trying to.

Join my virtual book club to help you get back in the habit of reading again. You don’t even have to think about what book to read next, because I’ll tell you! If you’re an habitual reader already and don’t have any in-person book clubs local to you, then join us to engage in discussion with a community of readers that will hopefully grow and grow.

A virtual bookclub is not an original idea by any means. But I liked the thought of connecting with you people who are engaging with ‘where i write’ – and also choosing the books myself!

We will read one book per month, starting on the 1st. There will be a blend of contemporary and classic fiction with a mix of genres and some non-fiction in there too. I will post a review post on the last Friday of the month and hope that you will read it and then join in any discussions in the What We Read Goodreads group.

‘what we read’ is set up as a group on Goodreads to give us a suitable forum to discuss the books we read. I will also be sending emails to notify you of books we are reading and any updates, and posting on Instagram @whatwe_read so we can engage with each other using photo prompts and a bit of visual creativity!

If you sign up you are not committed to reading every single book, you can dip in and out. Please email any suggestions of books you’d like us to read!

SIGN UP BELOW! Then I will email you with our current book title.

Join the discussion over at Goodreads via this link.



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  1. Sandra

    I am open to anything although I don’t like scary books ! My favourite type of books are about people , fiction or biographies. I like romantic books that I don’t need to think about ,and books that make me think.
    If I can get the book on audio even better so I. Can listen to it in the car.


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