30 things to do before I’m 30

  1. See Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime play – CHECK!
  2. Read The Hobbit – CHECK!
  3. Make myself a garment of clothing
  4. Make B a blanket – started
  5. Make E a blanket – started
  6. Make myself a patchwork blanket
  7. Eat lobster – CHECK!
  8. Throw a pot – CHECK!
  9. Read at least one book a month – yep
  10. Visit a special restaurant, like Heston’s – CHECK! (Amberley castle though I’d still like to do Heston’s)
  11. Cook something new every month – definitely been doing this
  12. Practise one piano piece and become proficient at playing it
  13. Write letters and send them to people – Done two!
  14. Do something special with close family members individually
  15. Reduce device use – no smartphone! (I have a new one but I have definitely broken some habits, let’s hope I can stick to it!)
  16. Go on a weekend away with husband – CHECK
  17. Go on a retreat
  18. Give a gift every month, not including birthdays or holidays, could be time or something tangible – gave my Mum a recipe book but haven’t done this every month! Gave away my old radio the other night.
  19. Make a photo gallery up our stairs – started
  20. Frame and put up my artwork – CHECK!
  21. Make a scrapbook about my Dad so I can look through it with the children
  22. Completely finish a short story
  23. Attend a Writer’s group at least once
  24. Have a 30th birthday party (the day after my birthday but can still count because I say so)
  25. Swim in the sea (don’t think I did at all last summer)
  26. Go to something special in London with a friend – CHECK!
  27. Meet a hero of mine – CHECK (Sarah Wilson)
  28. Go to Paris – CHECK!