love all the things that make you strong

We have moved, and I’m tired. I want to reconnect with you all and my writing but I just can’t be bothered. So I’m telling you this in order to get myself going.

There’s so much I could write about regarding the last couple of months. But for today, I’m going to share a poem with you.

Walk through life
Beautiful more than anything
Stand in the sunlight
Walk through life
Love all the things
That make you strong,
be lovers, be anything
For all the people of

You have brothers
You love each other, change up
And look at the world
Now, it’s
Our’s, take it slow
We’ve got a long time, a long way
To go,

We have
Each other, and the
Don’t be sorry
Walk on out through sunlight life
and know
We’re on the go
For love
To open
Our lives
To walk
Tasting the sunshine
Of Life.

“Answers in Progress” by Amiri Baraka

Source: Brain Pickings by Maria Popova

Popova states that this poem is “a bewitching poem-song that pours in from the boulevard as the protagonists walk through town after an alien invasion.”

It’s an incredible thought; to imagine walking through a world that was nearly stolen from you. How naturally and intensely gratitude would flow. I’m inclined to think that without change and challenge we can grow complacent in gratitude.

Gratitude has helped me to tread water when I’ve felt adrift through this mega change we have undertaken. I love the reminder this poem brings that we have each other, and we have the world. We can draw life, restoration, peace and gratitude from the world around us wherever we go, if we choose to look.

During our last week in Worthing, we had several trips to the beach and the kids took up the occupation of collecting shells. As I helped them, I felt overwhelmed by the beauty and variety of the stones on the beach I had spent 30 years of my life living nearby. It sounds so trite and you might be anticipating that the next bit of news is that I have joined a naturist group. I haven’t.

It was in anticipation of leaving a town by the sea that heightened my appreciation. On our second-to-last morning we went for breakfast with a family member at a cafe on the beach and I was quite tearful. We found ourselves collecting shells and I promised the kids we would put them in a glass jar on the windowsill in their new bedroom.

Post-move, bank holiday Monday, and it was sweltering so I decided to take the kids to a beach. It would be on the Kent coast and therefore completely new to us. Apparently heading towards Dover on bank holiday Monday, the last week of the summer holidays, is not a good idea. FYI.

Three hours later and we were in Whitstable, walking along the seafront to find a spot on the beach. What an interesting place!



After a dip in the sea we started to look for shells and as I looked I noticed how different the stones were from the ones in Worthing. Even the shells were completely different.

I am very aware that you might not really be “getting me” on this. But perhaps you can think of a time of upheaval, challenge, or even pain, when something about the world around you managed to sustain and/or refresh you. It was restorative to me and I felt grateful that this move that had been exhausting and heart-wrenching had introduced me to this new place and these new stones on the shore of the North Sea.


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