a letter to my friends and family from my anxious self

I read a research paper about creative performance out of interest and for another blog post and it refers to a new approach to psychology in organisational behaviour sciences. It involves focusing on positive psychological constructs and “their possible impact on human potential”, which may be “a reaction to the ‘human deficit perspective’ that has dominated management research” (p. 5). The recent shift seems to show that focusing on positive psychological aspects of employees and designing policies and management approaches to increase them has more impact than focusing on negative psychological aspects and trying to reduce them. Interesting.

Before I read that I had already determined that I would endeavour to take a positive stance on my blog posts. Here is one I had thought of doing as a ‘how to…’ post but thought it would be better framed with gratitude.

A letter to my friends and family from my anxious self

Thank you. It’s a cliché but I wouldn’t be where I am without you. Thank you for listening to me. For not telling me what to do but validating my illness with your efforts to empathise. You help me believe that it is as tough as it feels. I need to believe that. Thanks for looking after my kids. Thanks for still wanting to be around me. Thanks for offering to drop everything and visit me when I’m struggling. Thanks for asking me about it. Thanks for not pushing me to talk about it. Thank you for never, ever making me feel weird or judged. Thank you for not suggesting, even in a subtle way, that this is my fault. Even if it is in some way, shape, or form.

Thank you for distracting me and making me laugh. Thank you for calling me brave. Thank you for reading my struggles and commenting. Thank you for showing that you believe I have the resources to deal with this myself. Thank you for checking that I am doing something about it. Thank you for replying promptly to my SOS text.

Thank you for letting me cancel last minute. Thank you for telling me you love me. Thank you for not analysing me. Thank you for keeping in touch. Thank you for praying for me. Thank you for encouraging me. Thank you for not panicking. Thank you for sharing your struggles with me. 

thank you image

Love, Me x


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  1. Rachel Ireland

    And thank you – I have enjoyed indulging myself in your ponderings, which I usually approach like platters of exotic foods. Surprising; sweet; sour; interesting; tasty; refreshing; something to chew on; a perfect blend to satisfy the palette. xxxxxx


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