mental health awareness week #MHAW17

Next week is an awareness week that is rather close to my heart. This year, the focus for #MHAW17 is the question:

Surviving or Thriving?

“Too many of us experience daily life as a battle. Emotionally, our heads are only just above water. Holding onto our jobs, managing our family life, paying our bills sometimes threaten to overwhelm us.

Increasing numbers of us have accepted that experiencing high levels of anxiety, stress and depression are the price we have to pay for keeping our lives on track. But this Mental Health Awareness Week, we want to set out the real scale and cost of being stuck on survive, to our health, relationships and future options. We want to outline to both policy makers and individuals the practical steps we can take to build a mentally healthy country.” Awareness Days 

I would like to write a blog post every day during next week and need your help!

What would you like to read? Is there anything I’ve written that you want to hear more about? Do you want to know more about how I manage my anxiety? How does my faith come into it? Do you want to hear other people’s stories?

Please comment on this post or on my Facebook page with your suggestions!


To find out about online therapy websites, follow this link to Better Help.


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  1. Freda driscoll

    I have suffered depression for many years and still feel letdown I am 57 many things have happened in my life bereavement and lots of other things I won’t o into but to find put children are suffering the same pain and not being able to say anything hurts me but I can understand where they are coming from because I suffered in silence for a lot of years and if I honest with my self still do at times I have done a lot of things to myself and I just how theses kids or anyone i
    Who is suffering plz come forward and speak don’t live in silence like I did for a lot of years

    Sincerely Fredax


    • Where I Write

      Hi Freda, I appreciate your comment and your honesty, thank you. I’m sorry for what you’ve experienced and you’re right – people must reach out for help. Best wishes, J


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