read about our low-sugar pancake day!

When I first cut down significantly on sugar over two years ago, I remember going down to a local artisan food market one weekend. We bought a scotch egg that had black pudding in it. We also got a Turkish wrap that had feta cheese, red onion, and I forget what else. I was blown away by the flavours.

I also remember eating sweet potato and thinking it was so intensely sweet and delicious that I enjoyed it so much as if it was a big fat cinnamon swirl.

Sugar messes with your taste buds and makes everything bland in comparison. How do you have a low-sugar pancake day?

Well, do what the french do, and make a savoury pancake!

Here’s my recipe:

Round 1 – savoury pancakes with creamy mushroom and bacon



Double cream

Garlic (fresh ideally but if you don’t have any like I didn’t, powder or puree will do)

Grated courgette (for extra veg)

Thyme (fresh or dried)


Some pancakes!

Sauté the mushrooms and bacon in some (real) butter. Add the rest of the ingredients except the parmesan and pancakes (though if using fresh chopped garlic sauté that too). Bring to the boil and then simmer until the sauce reduces down to a thick, creamy texture. Season to perfection (whatever that means). Spoon into a pancake, finely grate on parmesan, et voila.

Our kids refused this delicious filling, but one day they’ll learn to appreciate other flavours than just cheese.


Round 2…

You were worried for a second, weren’t you? Don’t worry, there is a round 2.

Dark chocolate (70% cocoa or higher, 85% is better if you’re hardcore – but my kids aren’t) melted with a bit of double cream

Bananas, sliced

Syrup is packed full of sugar. As is, sorry to burst your bubble, actual sugar that you might pack on by the tablespoon with some lemon squeezed on top.

Did you know, your child should have no more than the equivalent of five sugar cubes per day (according to WHO recommendations)? I think my son probably maxed that out with the pancakes he had at school today, with syrup (sigh).



This is still rather indulgent but I’m all for balance and Pancake Day is a pretty special occasion on our calendar. Well, not really, we just like them.

Our kids couldn’t finish theirs due to filling up on a couple of savoury and only having the one sweet that was rich thanks to the very dark chocolate. My son gave my husband half of his and opted for half of mine with just fresh lemon juice in.

Have some fun making savoury pancakes with yours and/or your kids fave toppings and let the sugary ones fade into the background… With a little whining but you’ll get there if you persist!

Hope you enjoyed your pancakes, if you had them!

Do you make savoury pancakes? What do you put in them? I’d love to hear from you in the comments. 


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  1. Rachel

    Ah Jeni you’ve just taken me back to Poitiers, eating savoury crepes very similar to this one with Barney saying ‘bonjour’ to a waiter. Good memories….x


    • Where I Write

      Rachel that was my inspiration for the recipe! It certainly wasn’t a patch on any of the French crepes I had but it was pretty decent and I was thinking of that holiday the whole time I ate it!! x


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