what mental illness can feel like

The worst place I can be is alone with myself.

I am my own worst enemy.

Nothing creates the tumultuous state I am in,

No circumstances or people,

It is, in fact, my own brain and its responses.


I rapidly progress to a place of wondering what is real,

What is true?

I feel lost, inside,

My own head.

But who could know the way out,

Better than me?


I feel like I am losing myself,

As well as my mind.


How do I make it quiet?

How do I make a simple decision?

How do I find peace?


I strive to accept this state of being,

To accept what I feel,

To accept who I am,

To accept my story,

To accept the difficult feelings,

To accept my reduced capacity,

To accept my struggle.


To bear with myself,

And show unconditional love,

That casts no judgment,

Not just to everyone else,

But also, to me.



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  1. embear123

    I like your point of view on mental illnesses. It’s very interesting that you believe acceptance is the way to go, as I refuse to accept and forgive the people who bullied me verbally, physically and sexually whom I believe to be the root cause of my mental illnesses. Maybe if I accepted what they have done, I would be happier. Hang in there xx


    • Where I Write

      Thanks for sharing that, it takes courage. I’m sorry for what you’ve been through, forgiveness is not an easy choice most definitely. But yes, I do believe it to be an essential step to moving forward, letting go, and most importantly – healing.

      Liked by 1 person

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