book review: WE WERE ON A BREAK by Lindsey Kelk

It was requested that we had something ‘light and fluffy’ for book 4 (makes me smile every time). I was in the mood for that too. What We Read started with some pretty intense books and I’m proud of us for pushing through novels that took some out of their comfort zone.

If I’m honest, I was determined to avoid being pegged as a female-only book club that mainly reads romances. Hence going in heavy with crime fiction! But, just as we can branch out with different types of genres and authors, perhaps blokes can read a romance too.

It raises an interesting question really because romances are completely and utterly marketed towards women. Check out the cover of this one. Do we need to make the marketing a bit more neutral, or do blokes need to start being brave and busting out a teal and magnolia book with stilettos on the front in the middle of a congested tube?


Anyway, blokes, join my book club. It’s a way of supporting women and promoting equality within the arts. Do you only really value male authors/writers/bloggers? Though you might not have done that consciously. Perhaps something to consider.

I don’t want to imply you should read romances if you really hate them. But if you’ve never tried them, why not?

I don’t want to imply you should follow a woman’s blog even though you have no interest in the content. But if there is a woman’s voice that you are a fan of, even vaguely, why not make your support heard in the comments and commit to subscribing?

Right, off my soapbox and onto the review…

best bit

It had a happy ending! That’s what we were after, hey? Though it did keep me wondering right up until the last chapter if they would actually make it, and that was refreshing. It was also very comical and presented the age we are in to a T. Mainly how the likes of Facebook and Tinder and mobile phones have impacted romance and relationships.

worst bit

There was a lot of food mentioned and I was reading it whilst having stomach bug symptoms in a hotel in Berlin (another story). But that wasn’t really the book’s fault, just a gross interesting aside for you to enjoy.

In a small way, the ending wasn’t completely satisfactory and I can’t put my finger on why exactly. I didn’t really get the point of her trip to Japan. I guess it just led her to realise she definitely wanted to be with him for her own reasons. Maybe I was just wanting a bit more depth but really, it was what it was.

what i learned about the world

This story was a reminder of what I’ve recently been realising. Relationships involve putting yourself on the line, you can’t avoid it. Or you can, and you can put your relationship on the line.

Adam’s insecurities led him to retreat and then attack in defence. The whole fight or flight thing. I’m sure, like me, the whole way through you were thinking just tell him/her how you feel!! But really, it’s not as easy as it might seem.

what impacted me

I’m a big believer in monogamy and long-term commitment providing the means for the deepest and truest experience of love. Did you know that statistically sex is at its best and most enjoyable around the 15 year anniversary? 15 years!!

If the deep connection we desire as part of our fundamental human nature comes from being completely vulnerable and exposing our shame, then who would risk themselves in any situation other than long-term commitment?

I’ll tell you who, the most courageous person to ever walk this planet.

Perhaps this was the key to my finding the ending unsatisfactory. It jars with me that a selfish decision could heal a broken relationship.


What do you think? Were you satisfied with the ending? There are a couple of discussion posts on goodreads following my review, add your comments and join the group here! Feel free to comment on this post also.

Our next book is The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry.



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