what we read virtual book club is now on goodreads

Come and join the party. Or the seriously intellectual and stimulating discussions. Depends on what you’d define as being a party, I suppose.

Anyway! My virtual book club is now set up as a group on goodreads to enable us to discuss the books more easily. I will still be posting my review posts and will raise questions relating to my review.

Download the goodreads app!

I know what you’re thinking – not another platform to remember the log in details for and to have to check and update… I feel you and was concerned myself so here are my reasons for putting our book club on Goodreads as its own community group.
1. It will log you in automatically using your Facebook log in so you don’t have to register if you are on facebook and that’s it! You’re ready to go.
2. It will benefit your reading in general because if you put in the books you read it will generate personal recommendations and you can set yourself reading challenges, vote in their awards etc.
3. Most importantly, it provides a better place for us to discuss. I think commenting on the blog doesn’t work effectively as it can be a faff to comment if you’re not a blogger and also you can’t receive notifications of the comments so you would have to keep going back to the post. It just doesn’t project a forum-for-discussion vibe.

You can set your notifications on Goodreads to either email you every time there is a new post or comment in a discussion or it can email you a round-up of the latest ones.

So, check it out here and join! I have started a discussion on book 4 and would love to hear your thoughts.

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