McCalls 8-week-programme: they have finished, what’s the verdict?

Remember this lovely family of four?


They decided to do the I Quit Sugar 8-week-programme that I often bang on about. They wanted to generally live healthier, stop grazing on unhealthy foods, break their sugar-addictions, learn some healthy recipes, and hopefully see an improvement in the husband’s recently diagnosed autoimmune disease.

Well, now they have finished the programme. Due to the demands of a young family and also the fact that we felt a week-by-week update wasn’t too informative as the answers were quite similar, we haven’t done a post about it from week five onwards. So the first question gives their favourite recipes from the second half of the programme and then the other questions are the results of the entire thing. Here is the interview:

what were your fave recipes from the second half of the programme?

KFC chicken, coconut fish curry (amazing), almond and broccoli crumb pasta (my little one loved this), steak and five veg, We made pulled pork for my Mum’s birthday and an IQS cheesecake – both went down really well.

Pulled Pork

how do you feel now?

I’m pleasantly surprised by how unbothered I am about sweet things. I don’t really get cravings except maybe the odd bit of dark chocolate. I was at a church group and was very hungry (after rushing to get two kids ready and out the door I didn’t eat myself) so I took one of the cookies on offer, I ate it and didn’t enjoy it at all. It was strawberry and white chocolate, it tasted too sweet and made me feel very ill. I also felt like I couldn’t concentrate for the rest of the group. My husband had a takeaway chicken wrap and he had BBQ sauce in it  He felt very sick after and hadn’t enjoyed it.

I’m still not snacking like I used to. I tend to have my breakfast, lunch and dinner and then maybe something in the evening like a bag of crisps but I don’t always want this. This is a major change for me as I used to graze all day long.

Egg and bacon muffins – I’ve made these, such an easy and tasty breakfast option you can transport to work

is your cooking and eating different now?

Since doing the programme we have gone back to previous meal plans from the programme and picked out our favourites and added in a few of our old ones e.g. toad in the hole (all still homemade). I am now better at planning our meals so I know I have leftovers for decent lunches the next day.

A new culinary skill – making Zoodles!

has the programme achieved what you hoped it would?

Yes it has. I’ve broken my sugar addiction and I’ve also lost weight. I’ve lost 7cm off both my waist and hips and 3cm off each thigh and 1.5cm off each arm. I’m very pleased with the results and feel it’s a very easy and achievable thing to continue. I would definitely recommend the programme to others. If I’m honest if it hadn’t have been just before Christmas (where money needs to be spent on other things) I would have repeated the programme. I loved having all the meals planned out for me.

is it different from doing other diets?

Yes it is because it’s not a “diet”. You don’t go without, if anything, our meals have been more substantial and we have had all the things you miss in diets; cheese, full-fat milk and cream, full-fat yogurts, meat with the fat/skin on. You don’t feel like it’s a diet because it isn’t, it’s just a healthy way of eating that’s enjoyable and satisfying.

has it impacted the way you feed your kids?

Yes it has. One thing Sarah says repeatedly throughout the programme is you can’t unlearn this stuff and I can’t! When someone hands my little boy a carton of apple juice I don’t think: “oh that’s good for him.” I think: “oh my, that’s eight teaspoons of sugar!” He happily drinks water and eats plain natural yogurt so why feed him the sugar laden stuff? My little girl is just weaning and I feel really positive that she can start as we all mean to go on.

Sugar-laden food has always been a treat for me, that’s how I saw it. I got that job ooo I’ll treat myself with sweets or cake, or my little boy’s been really good we will have some chocolate. Actually, it’s much nicer to reward my kids with my time or a day out. My little boy is over the moon with anything crafty and I’d rather reward him with these things than sugar.

Sugar-free shortbread!

And how about your husband’s health?

My husband has been recently diagnosed with IBD and doing the 8 week programme has helped him manage his symptoms.
It has eased his symptoms a bit and allowed us to identify the problem foods. It’s early days with him being diagnosed so he’s still learning. But it definitely has made an improvement.


Thanks McCalls, for sharing your 8 week programme journey with us.

If you’d like to take part in the programme starting in the new year please click the link below to sign up, and reclaim your health right at the start of 2017!

IQS 8-Week Program

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