deal with your sugar addiction once and for all: last 8-week programme of 2016!

The next I Quit Sugar 8-week programme starts on the 3rd of November. It’s the last one of the year and would be a fantastic opportunity to get things under control before the season of over-indulgence. You know the one I mean with the fat man in a red suit and his sugar-addicted helpers.

Quitting sugar breaks the addiction that leaves you craving food when you’re not hungry. It is not a diet but a way of life that enables you to say no to that cake because actually you don’t really want it and you notice how bad you feel when you do have it.

But it also enables you to say yes once in a while. You’re not calorie-counting or watching the scales. You’re not counting syns or seriously cutting down your calorie intake for two days of the week. You are just eating real, honest, unprocessed food. You feel better for it and that motivates you to keep going. Not guilt. Not intense discipline. Nor a regime.

This may seem contradictory. To promote a programme and say that you’re not living a life of discipline or regime! The thing is, it takes effort and discipline to quit something that is addictive. You won’t feel that great at first – but it doesn’t last long!

It can also be a huge undertaking to overhaul the way you prepare food. Perhaps you don’t cook much. So to have it all handed to you, nearly on a plate (you do have to cook it yourself I’m afraid), with meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes, it’s much more possible to change the way you eat in a thorough, long-lasting sort of way.

Another benefit is that I Quit Sugar will encourage you to shop local and cook in a way that avoids waste.

(You are also sticking it to Big Food corporations that pack their products full of sugar because they know full well what the addictive nature of it will do to their profit margins. This one motivates me no end.)

I will share with you one thing that has changed with my body since I quit sugar. I used to have very irregular periods. I had an average cycle of 33 days and I had no idea when it was coming really. I had read about the impact sugar can have on your hormones when I first started noticing that my cycle had changed to being 28 days and was pretty predictable, a day or two either side, perhaps. It would take me by surprise when it started, not only because it was on time, but because I hadn’t felt too out of sorts in the run up. Sadly, mood swings aren’t dealt with but in terms of how I feel physically and how heavy and painful my periods are, things have changed big time. Though I am slightly resentful that I now have more in a year… But, crazy hey?

Sugar messes with so much more than just your weight.

Click the link below to sign up and reclaim your health. To find out how a family of four are currently getting on on the programme, check out the following posts:

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IQS 8-Week Program

If you would like to try out some I Quit Sugar recipes then head over to my IQS ebooks page where you can find a recipe book all about chocolate, Christmas recipes, and healthy family meals!

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