new short story on Where I Write


This is a quick post to let you know that I’ve added a new short story to Where I Write. It is located in the ‘My Stories’ menu item. I currently don’t have a title for it, any suggestions?

Besides notifying you about it’s published status I also wanted to add two disclaimers…

  1. There is one expletive. A rather severe one. I apologise if you don’t like this but I hope that you will see why the extremity of language is relevant to the story and the character who says it.
  2. The main character is having counselling about the death of his father and, as you know, I write a lot about my grief relating to my own father’s death 18 months ago. I want to clarify that the main character’s story is entirely made up. Nothing relates to my Dad, or his life. Except the good family holidays!

Hope you enjoy it! Do comment with any thoughts and title ideas!





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  1. beeloudgladeblogcom

    I like how you write Jeni – credible characters in everyday boy/girl life/death love/loss situations. And because their interaction is entirely plausible, the reader is drawn in by skilful application of some subtle knife to the sudden fascination of your elsewhere world and finds him/herself as fly-on-the-wall subconsciously caring about someone’s survival.. about progress amid nuances surrounding the intrusion of love…and intrigued by the impressionist brushwork revealing vivid insight into the footsteps of thought when two people first meet. (Glad I found time to read this amid the ’ember months’ flood of tidal tax returns that engulf accountants this time of year!) xx Nick


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