mccall’s 8 week programme update: weeks three & four

IQS 8-Week Program

How are you feeling after the first four weeks of the programme?

I feel like I’m enjoying my food and cooking a lot more. I look forward to my next meal rather than dreading cooking again! I feel like I’m not eating because of my mood but eating when I’m hungry and I’m not forcing myself to go hungry I actually don’t want to eat until it’s the next meal time.

Andy’s finding the symptoms of his IBD are improving and as we know exactly what ingredients are in our meals he’s finding it easier to identify what foods he can’t tolerate.

What have you learned on the 8 week programme?

You don’t have to get stuck in a rut with your weekly meals, it’s good to experiment and it doesn’t have to take hours in the kitchen either! Some meals haven’t been amazing and we won’t make them again but the vast majority have been ones we want to repeat! I’ve learned it’s so much easier to plan my meals before I do my weekly shop, we hardly throw anything away now. I used to hate the waste and now we are using leftovers up as lunches or as a part of another meal. Our favourite so far of doing this was leftover pulled pork in a biriani! I have also learned snacking on sweet things is a vicious cycle and makes me constantly hungry!

Andy’s learned it’s almost impossible where he works to buy a snack that isn’t full of sugar!

Have you noticed any changes in your mindset and/or body?

I’m very pleased to say I have lost two inches off my waist and two inches off my hips. I’ve lost half an inch off of each thigh and a cm off each arm! Andy (who does not need to lose weight as he’s lost a lot due to his IBD) has lost 1/2 an inch off of his waist.

I’m finding I am naturally going for things that are sugar-free when I’m out rather than having to consciously think about it, e.g. ordering a fizzy water instead of a coke.

Meals we have enjoyed across weeks 3 and 4

All-in shepherd’s pie was really nice – it had cauliflower and potato mash on top, very tasty. Nearly every meal from week four actually; chicken parmigiana, sesame salmon noodle, which my son absolutely wolfed down, poached chicken and pesto zoodles and my husband had to admit he enjoyed the courgette noodles as did my son. On Saturday we were at my mum’s house and we cooked for everyone. We made the hipster bondi fish and the chicken schnitzel with sweet potato fries and it was enjoyed by all. It was lovely to take some recipes we have learned and cook for everyone, it was a bit of a surf and turf.

We did enjoy the nasi goreng but it could have been improved with some chicken or prawns! Today I’ve made some bacon and egg muffins for our breakfasts this week and I’ve had to stop myself eating them – I’ll let you know soon what they are like!

nasi goreng.jpg
Nasi Goreng – looks delish to me!

The next 8 week programme starts on the 13th of October, sign up closes SOON so click on the link below and change your eating habits for good!

IQS 8-Week Program

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