mccalls 8 week programme update – week two

Week two has been and gone… How did they get on? Have they fallen off the wagon at all? What else are they learning that is not related to cutting sugar? Read on and see…

Have there been any significant changes to the plan for week two?

The main change this week has been cutting out anything sweet. So not just the sugar, this also means cutting out artificial sweeteners and fruit. After four weeks like this fruit will slowly be reintroduced. I think I have actually found it hardest to cut out Diet Coke. I used to drink a lot and I think if I’d have had it in the house I would have given in! I am really missing fruit and I think it’s harder as I’m still preparing it for my little boy, Andy isn’t struggling with this as he doesn’t really eat much anyway.

Have you gained any new culinary skills?

I tried my first batch of sourdough and it was quite a hard work. There are lots more stages in preparing it than when making normal bread and it turned out a bit like a brick so not a great success.

I don’t know if it counts as a culinary skill but I’m learning more interesting ways of serving veg with a meal. I’d normally serve some potatoes on the side and then something greens. One of my new favourites is making a warm coleslaw as a side – so much tastier.

I’m also not throwing things away. We are using everything that’s left either as lunch or in another meal. I used to hate how much we wasted before and it’s also nice having a proper meal at lunch time and not just a sandwich. I know Andy’s going to work with something proper to eat.

I’m following the plan by doing the big Sunday cook up, preparing several things to make cooking that week easier.

Fave breakfast

In my big Sunday cook up I made twelve savoury breakfast muffins – these are very tasty, think cheese scone.

Fave lunch

This week for me it was actually an omelette I made with various leftovers from different meals.

Fave dinner

I really enjoyed the crunchy fish pie. Fish pie is one of my favourite meals to make and I wasn’t sure this one would live up to my usual one but I was pleasantly surprised. It had grated parsnip in and broccoli and the sauce was made with milk and ricotta. The topping was almond meal parmesan and torn up bread, which went lovely and crispy.

Biggest success

Getting up early (about 6/630) and going running three times. It’s really the only time I can get out and do it as I know my little one is sleeping and won’t need a feed while I’m gone. I’m just using a Couch to 5k app to guide me when to run and when to walk. I’m finding the days I’ve been out running I have more energy and I feel more alert during the day and I seem to get a lot more done. My failure this week as I have mentioned already was my sourdough bread but I’ll keep trying!

Jo and her running buddy!

How are you feeling?

I feel better this week than I did last week, I was feeling quite low and really struggling through the days which was starting to worry me. But I really feel with the exercise too I’m coping a lot better and have a lot more energy. I’m also still not snacking a lot which is a massive positive. I’m still really enjoying the meal plan, and as a family it’s really nice to be out of the rut of the same meals every week.

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