a giveaway that you don’t have to do anything to win

Have you been struggling to get control of your eating habits?

Have you tried every diet under the sun?

Do you have diet-related health problems?

Do you want to eat healthily but struggle to know what to cook?

Are you addicted to sugar?

Do you feel tired all the time?

I have good news for you…


I have one spot on the upcoming I Quit Sugar 8 Week Programme to GIVE AWAY.

I believe in this. Quitting sugar has changed my life for the better, you can read more about that here and here. This week I have been unwell with a chest infection. I have carried on doing what I need to do as a full-time mum each day. This is just one example of how I have noticed the impact of eating real food, cutting down on sugar and processed foods drastically, and increasing my vegetable intake. I can handle the day-to-day of life better. If I am ill I can still keep going with an energy level I have never experienced previously.

I just ate a chocolate blondie (an IQS recipe). I do still enjoy foods like that and can still drink red wine, coffee, and eat chocolate. But also, because my taste buds have not been dulled by having lots of sugar, foods that I previously found boring (salad and soup) are now a taste sensation.

You will have to cook. A lot. But if you’re wondering if it’s a lot of work to organise, it’s not. You get shopping lists, meal plans and recipes all laid out for you. How many other people get to about 3pm and feel the ‘oh no I need to prepare a meal’ dread? I actually get it when I wake up. Part of it is the difficult decision of what to make. You might already be super organised and have planned out the week, but if you’re not, you’ll love this programme as it tells you what to eat for 8 whole weeks! And it tells you what to buy so you can eat what it tells you to eat. You also get to join a community of people on social media who are doing it too and can offer help and encouragement.

So, to enter please complete your details below. I WILL NOT be using your email for any reason other than that I need to send it to IQS if you win so they can sign you up. I will draw the name out of a hat and you don’t need to share my blog, or follow me, or anything like that.

But, can I just say? If you know someone who might need this, or want this, then PLEASE DO share this post on Facebook or Twitter so other people have the opportunity to win.

This giveaway is now closed and a winner has been notified.

Find out more about the 8 week programme here:
IQS 8-Week Program

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