mccalls 8 week programme update – week one

If you’ve been following Jo’s instagram you’ll have seen some of her delicious-looking meals popping up (I’d quite like one of those beetroot burgers). But how has she actually found it? Are the recipes really as easy as IQS claim? How are her husband and toddler faring? Is it making a difference, even at this early stage? Here are Jo’s answers to the weekly questions…

1. How has your week been overall?

Overall I’d say the first week has gone really well. As soon as we saw the meal plan we were pleased as it all looked amazing. The meals are pretty easy to prepare and very tasty. I think this has been a good time to do this as my little boy seems to want to try all the new meals and is really enjoying it too. He just had veggie bread for breakfast and ate it very enthusiastically saying it was cake! img_2052My kitchen is being well-used. I love cooking anyway and did cook the majority of our meals from scratch but I’m definitely enjoying this cooking experience. I really love not having to think about what I’m cooking; all the decisions are made for me.

2. Favourite breakfast/lunch/dinner?

My fave breakfast has been the Breakfast Crumble. It was peaches and raspberries baked with a coconut and oat crumble topping – really tasty. Best lunch and dinner have to overlap really because we made the most amazing beetroot burgers.
My husband used the words: ” I think I’d rather have this than a beef burger”, which I was surprised by seeing as he had some beef burgers on stand-by. My other fave dinner was the Baked Chicken Caesar Salad this was so ridiculously easy and so tasty.

3. Biggest triumphs?

My biggest triumph I think has been getting everyone fed together at each meal time (including a three-month-old). I’ve also started a sourdough starter which I’m fascinated by. I’ve been feeding it for a week now and it’s doing so well it was trying to escape the jar last night. I’m really looking forward to experimenting with different sourdough loaves. Hopefully by next week I can let you know if it’s a success. It’s just been really nice trying out lots of different meals that I wouldn’t have made unless doing this programme.

4. Any fails?

Two fails – I accidentally picked up a massive yellow squash not a pumpkin at a farmers market, so that was a bit of a nightmare as that was needed for my first Sunday cook up! And secondly, my Instagram account I set up for this journey broke and after a lot of effort still cannot be fixed. So I have gone back to my original account @jotinkmccall. It is a shame as all my lovely photos are on the other account, although I have shared a few of them now on @jotinkmccall!

5. How are you feeling?

I’ll be honest, I’ve been feeling a bit low this week and struggling to get off to sleep. I’m sure that’s all part of the sugar-detox. On a more positive note I’m feeling very full after my meals and hardly snacking at all and I used to graze all day long before. I’m also feeling really proud of myself that even with a few mistakes along the way I have managed to produce all the meals on the programme so far and I’m really enjoying it. I also feel very determined to make it to the end of the programme. I can already see the positives of not being hungry all the time and constantly looking for the next sugar-fix so I’m looking forward to how I’ll feel at the end of week eight.

If you are already intrigued, click the banner below to find out more specifics about the programme, the next one starts on 13th October and there is an early bird offer if you sign up before the 19th of September!

IQS 8-Week Program

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