meet the McCalls – they’re doing the I Quit Sugar 8-week-programme

Ever seen the ads on my blog for the 8-week-programme and wondered what it’s all about? Through reading about my sugar-quittin’ journey, Jo has decided to do the 8-week-programme and her husband, Andy, is up for it too. So, as of yesterday, the McCall family are on the 8-week-programme and have agreed to keep a diary to share with us their experience week-by-week. I asked them a few questions by way of introduction…

Here they are!

What is the 8 week programme?

Essentially it is an 8 week programme to quit sugar or break your sugar addiction. The online programme provides you with eight weeks of meal plans and shopping lists, with exclusive member-only recipes. You have access to an online community where you can get support from other members and also advice from a group of 45 I Quit Sugar experts.

Why are you doing it?

I have attempted to cut down or quit sugar before but have never followed a programme as such. I have also never had my family on board and have still had all the temptation of sugary snacks in the house. I found it very hard to do alone and then I got pregnant with my second child and suffered quite bad morning sickness and just ate whatever would stay down, so healthy eating went out the window again. This time we are doing this as a family to get healthy. My husband has recently been diagnosed with IBD (Ulcerative Colitis) and there are only a few diet recommendations and one is a diet low in sugar. This, in particular, has really motivated us to do this now. I’m also hoping to lose some weight and get more energy. I’m looking forward to a clearer mind and clearer skin. I also want to be a good example to my children and I want us to be a healthy family.

What are you most looking forward to?

Personally for me it will be having a meal plan. Sometimes as a mum I feel I spend most of my time thinking about what I am cooking for the next meal. When you have kids it always seems to be a meal time for someone! It will be lovely not to have to think about what to cook and just follow the meal plan.

Andy, my husband, is looking forward to trying all the new meals. (Oh and that it might help with his health.)

What are you most concerned about?

I am apprehensive about the weeks without fruit, I love fruit, all fruit! Luckily this is only a short term thing to re-adjust our tastebuds. I won’t be cutting out fruit from my son’s diet (my daughter isn’t yet on solids) and that might make it harder for me as I need to make sure I don’t mindlessly pick at his leftovers!

Andy is concerned about not having anything to dunk in his tea, and also not being able to have his favourite snack at work a Lizzie’s Lemon Bakewell Tart.

Is there anything you’re doing to help you along the way?

We already have access to the first week’s meal plan and the online community. Some people are documenting their journey on Instagram accounts. I have set one up too, @healthyfoodhealthyfamily . I’m already benefiting from other people’s advice, some of whom have already done the programme before. It will be nice to share the journey with my friends and family as well and hopefully show them it isn’t a scary one.


Follow Jo on Instagram for daily updates and look out for their weekly posts here!

If you are already intrigued, click the banner below to find out more specifics about the programme, the next one starts on 13th October and there is an early bird offer if you sign up before the 19th of September!

IQS 8-Week Program

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