kid wisdom: telling jokes

My kids have started telling jokes. They are so completely not funny, that they are funny. Except after the tenth time of hearing a variation on the same joke.

(E refers to my two-year-old daughter, and B refers to my four-year-old son)

E: Mummy I got a joke for you.
Me: Ok what is it?
E: Cow.
Me: Ok.
E: You need to say cow who?
Me: Oh sorry, cow who?
E: Popcorn (giggles)
B: Why did the bowl cross the road? (we’re at the breakfast table)
Me: Why?
B: E, your turn to ask why did the fridge cross the road.
E: Fridge cross the road!
B: Because it was looking for a bowl and some rubbish.
B: Knock knock!
Me: Who’s there?
B: Cow
Me: Cow who?
B: Bowl.
E: It’s my turn! Not not (knock knock)
Me: Who’s there?
E: Cow
Me: Cow who?
E: Popcorn

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