kid wisdom: sickness and IT

It’s been a tricky week. I’ve had a virus and so has my eldest. My youngest came down with a stomach bug on Wednesday night. So it’s been hard to have time to work on lengthier posts as I’ve had one kid off preschool on each day I usually have free time.

I decided to do a short post detailing two conversations I’ve had with my children this week. On a week like this one, I have intentionally enjoyed these moments of humour and fun as they’ve innocently said some funny things. It tends to get me through the cleaning up of puke and extensive wailing. Hope it makes you smile too.

The Two Year-Old

Me: E, why were you sick?

E: Toooz [because] I want to be sit [sick], mommaaaaa!!

Me: What made you sick?
E: The bowl made me sick, and I cried Mum!
Me: What do you have to do to feel better?
E: (sitting on office chair) can you spin me round mum?
Me: What do you have to do to feel better?
E: (says her brother’s name, B)
Me: We have to stay home today because you’ve been sick.
E: I don’t need to be sit again, I need to go on holiday. Can I go on holiday?
Me: What would help someone else feel better if they’re sick?
E: B. I think B feels sick.
Me: Oh.

The Four-Year Old

(He is trying to put torturous Chipmunk music on, on our iMac)

Me: B, just wait. If you keep pressing buttons it won’t work.

(He presses the play button)

Me: What did I just say?

B: Don’t press the buttons.

Me: Right.

(He tries to grab the mouse)

Me: Just wait please. we have to wait for it to load, I don’t want you to touch the mouse.

B: Okay.

(He presses a button again)

Me: B!!! It’s not working because you’ve pressed lots of buttons. Look, it’s frozen!

B: It’s not frozen!!! (Looks at me with incredulous expression) It’s not frozen Mum, there hasn’t been any snow!

Have a super weekend, love B&E


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