i love caesar


Here he is! Our new addition. This little fluff-ball has brought us a lot of joy this past week. I’m very grateful for him already.

We named him Caesar. My husband is currently just finishing a History BA and intends to follow that with an Ancient History MA and then a History-related Phd.

But that has nothing to do with why we named him Caesar.

My husband is a fan of the recent Planet of the Apes movie. As you may remember the main monkey is called Caesar.

We are hoping to train a super smart dog or inject him with a serum. So far, he’s not showing any signs of having much in common with monkey-Caesar apart from black fur. And possibly the way he sometimes runs with his back legs swinging forward, both at the same time, and slightly to the side.

Just when we think we are making progress with toilet training… “Oh look he’s crying by the back door, oh wow, he did a crap outside and told us he wanted to go… Come in Caesar… Oh no, he’s immediately peeing on the kitchen floor. WHYYYY??”

Most days we high-five about the six wee’s he did outside and choose to forget about the 26,000 he did inside. (Yep, he urinates a lot.)

Other than that, he has settled in his bed downstairs at night perfectly, is not too demanding and is lots of fun. He does this a lot…

I chose the wrong colour bed

And he likes to do this when I sit in the kitchen…


It’s funny how therapeutic sitting and stroking a small, fluffy animal can be.

Food for thought.



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