ditch the cereal and revamp your breakfast for good!

When I heard Australia-based health and well-being company, I Quit Sugar, were bringing out a breakfast recipe ebook I was keen to investigate. For breakfast I usually eat Weetabix perhaps followed by a boiled egg. If feeling radical, I might branch out and have porridge with some berries. I could tell my current options lack nutritional benefit not just creativity.

Since quitting sugar and attempting to eat clean for the past year I have revamped my diet and seen a plethora of benefits. We have all heard the phrase: “breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”. Well, this ebook takes a slightly different angle. Claiming that what you eat for breakfast sets the tone of your eating habits right up until you’re climbing in between the sheets again.

Start it with sugary carbs and you’re more likely to end it stuffing your face with fig rolls whilst you watch the ten o’clock news. Not enough good fat and protein and you’ll be hungry just as you pass that colourful vending machine at 11am. The key message of the book is that vegetables are where it’s at in terms of optimal nutrition and so should be present in every meal. Breakfast plan image

Yes, even breakfast. So unless I planned on garnishing my Weetabix with grated courgette and kale leaves I needed some new ideas. Not simply adding new recipes into my repertoire I went for a complete overhaul in approach.

I set about having twelve days of healthy breakfasts. Taking a new recipe from the book each day. Here is a rundown of a select few:

Roast Chook Meffins

A good start. Easy to make and delicious. That first morning my kitchen smelled like a roast dinner. It was divine. The combination of the warm egg and chicken meffin with cold sweet potato puree on top created a delightful texture and flavour.

Lentil Dhaal Savoury Yoghurt

A rather surprising combination. Good for a warm summer’s day. The squeeze of lime gave it that special punch though it didn’t spread so well due to serving it up in a jar. This is one of I Quit Sugar’s handy tips: serve up any appropriate meal in a glass jar so you can carry it around with you. Especially useful if you tend to eat breakfast at your desk.


One-Pan Bubble+Squeak Pancake

Day three involved my first and only recipe fail. The pancake did not flip. It is hard to imagine how it could but perhaps some experimenting with chopping the vegetables smaller would make it work. Ultimately, it tasted great, was quick and easy and used up leftovers. An aesthetic problem easily excused.

Bacon + Egg Porridge

Cue the most bizarre breakfast in the ebook. Porridge cooked with chicken stock, onion and cheese. With bacon mixed in and a boiled egg on top. The Chinese eat a similar dish for breakfast. A rice porridge called Congee. I didn’t come across it when we visited China and if I had I don’t think I would have tried it. DSC_0032

In Shanghai we spent each morning scouring the place for somewhere we could eat a suitable breakfast. My friend and I opted for an over-priced croissant at Starbucks whilst our husbands went and got Chinese dumplings. If only I knew then what I know now. I’d have been sampling some Congee for sure. Or at least opting for tried and true dumplings.

The savoury flavour and mixture of bacon, egg and porridge worked. However, I didn’t really like it. I don’t like porridge made with water. It’s a texture thing.

Chives, Kale + Parmesan Pancakes

This was my favourite recipe. The pancakes were good on their own but along with a poached egg and smoked salmon, it was heavenly. Parmesan and kale in pancakes – who would have thought it?


Sarah’s Go-To Breakfast

A staple option that is satisfying, easy, quick and is flexible in terms of ingredients. Add whatever vegetables you have kicking around. I’d recommend opting for ones that are frozen or you can grate.

Sorry Weetabix – you’ve been relegated!

If you’re looking for a pretty print-format recipe book to grace your kitchen shelf, look elsewhere. This book only comes in ebook format for environmental as well as practical reasons, I assume, which I have great respect for. Though squinting at my iPhone screen through bleary eyes at 7am wasn’t ideal.

The ebook is easy-to-navigate and communicates an intention to get you cooking realistic but tasty breakfasts. It is just wordy enough to inspire and inform with a few short introductory pages. The rather comical history of cereal told in a lively manner was enough to put me off having cornflakes ever again.


Eating a nutritionally dense healthy breakfast did impact my eating habits for the rest of the day. I was fuller for longer and not craving sweet foods. On some days my kitchen was a mess and the day had barely begun. I longed for the little stack of dirty bowls and spoons that just needed placing in the dishwasher.

But I concluded that it was quite a feat to be following a new recipe every day. Most of the recipes were so simple and/or adaptable that I would not need to refer to the recipe more than twice. Hopefully making it a less messy and time-consuming affair in the day-to-day.


If you would like to purchase this ebook please click on the banner above. I am an affiliate of I Quit Sugar but this review reflects my true opinion. Check out their other ebooks on my IQS eBooks page.  

To find out more about I Quit Sugar please visit their website www.iquitsugar.com.



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      Yes, they did. I may have eaten three meffins I can’t remember. They are mostly protein so very filling. But you can always up the portion size because you’re eating clean food and so you can and should eat it until you really are full! Then you’ll last until lunch.


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