day 3 – one-pan bubble+squeak pancake @IQuitSugar #12daysofhealthybreakfasts #cookbookreview


Note: As you can see the pancake broke up when I tried to flip it. I wasn’t sure if I should have fried half of the batch if it serves two, therefore making a less heavy pancake that was possible to flip. I also had trouble mashing my roast potatoes resulting in large lumps that didn’t hold together so well and I didn’t measure out the veg quantity as I wanted to use all my Sunday roast leftover veg so perhaps another egg and a bit more almond meal was needed. Anyway, every recipe may not work out perfectly but this still tasted great and is a quick and easy option for using leftovers. Will be a breakfast go to for me I think despite my flip fail.

Any comments on what you’ve seen so far?


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