an epic birthday cake

It was my daughter’s second birthday this week and I wanted to make her a cake. She LOVES chocolate and cake. So obviously, a chocolate cake would be preferable. I looked though the IQS Chocolate Cookbook and found the perfect cake! It was chocolate flavour, with chocolate frosting and melted chocolate on top. To add interest caramel coated popcorn was to be sprinkled on the top… She loves popcorn too! Absolute winner.

If I could pull it off.


The cake baked beautifully. Yes, that is something green you can see in it. My daughter’s birthday cake was packed full of courgette.

I now keep my SLR on my kitchen side to enable much better food photos, like this one!

Here it is with the frosting sandwiched between the two layers… Tell me your mouth isn’t watering right now?

The finished article…

Could have done with a better candle and better lighting in this one…

Definitely showstopp-ey enough for a birthday and everyone who ate some seemed to enjoy it! Some of my cakes have been complete fails, or only suited to the sugar-free folk, but I was really pleased with the flavour and texture of this one. It was still a massive treat but approx one tsp of sugar per serve compared to the approx eight tsps in a slice of your average birthday cake.

Happy birthday E!!


Buy the I Quit Sugar Chocolate Cookbook via this link!


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