TODAY is the last day to sign up

Do you have an auto-immune disease?

Do you struggle to cook healthy, interesting, convenient meals?

Do you have a hormone or fertility problem?

Have you tried every diet under the sun but just can’t seem to sustain healthy-eating?

Do you like to reduce waste and practise sustainable living?


I have to emphasise it’s not just about sugar and it’s mostly not about losing weight…

Benefits of quitting​

  • Learn new recipes and cooking skills.​
  • Discover how to take control of your health.​
  • Better concentration.​
  • Increased energy.​
  • Clearer skin.​
  • Weight loss.​
  • Better sleep.​
  • Improved moods.​
  • Balanced hormones.​

Yesterday, I chucked a curry in the slow cooker for our dinner. It took such little time because I know how to make it from scratch with what I have in. I had soaked chickpeas overnight (which is better than buying them canned because it reduces the phytic acid and makes them easier to digest – the kind of eating-for-gut-health info you learn on the programme) to go in the curry. The chickpeas that were leftover I used to quickly make humus to serve as a snack with kettle chips for some guests in the evening. Once we finished our dinner, I chucked all the leftovers including rice (and dregs of sauce on our plates!) into my blender along with some of the chicken stock I had made the day before and created a curry/sweet potato/chickpea/rice/pea soup. It was divine and provided our lunch today. I chopped up some celery and carrot to also have with the humus at lunch as I had made plenty and I put the carrot peel in a freezer bag to add to other veg scraps to make stock. I also chucked some celery leaves into another bag to make pesto.

In the process of making one dinner I also produced humus and soup for the next day and started off stock and pesto bags. In the process of making our roast on Sunday I made a huge batch of chicken stock and vegetable stock that will save me buying stock cubes, like, EVER! So many of the meals I cook contribute to something else and leave little waste.

If you want to get good at cooking clean healthy meals that are not time consuming because they are efficient and encourage the use of leftovers then DO THE PROGRAMME.

If you want to kick your addiction to sugar (and therefore eat less) then DO THE PROGRAMME.

If your kids eat too much sugar and you just need an overhaul of your family diet then DO THE PROGRAMME.

If you need recipes and meal plans and shopping lists all on a plate then DO THE PROGRAMME.

You could also learn tips like this from Sarah Wilson’s new book Simplicious…

You can regrow celery…!

I think I’ve made my point.








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