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Here’s the more rousing post… Only a day later – not too shabby. So I’ve been hankering for a space where I can sit and write and not have to set up everything each time. But not only that, be able to make it a working space that’s inspiring as well as functional. I got an incredible book for Christmas, it is a Creativity Journal by Kate Neckel and it’s something for one to write and draw in but is full of prompts and inspiring  words, phrases and images. One page is about creating ‘your spot’. A week ago we moved our daughter in with her brother to sleep which has freed up our third bedroom for my husband and I to use in the evenings. We did ask our children’s permission and only went ahead because we had several reasons for why it may benefit us all, plus their positive response to the idea.

Today, I woke up feeling terrible, ulcers raging and sore throat. J kindly enabled me to spend a couple more hours in bed to sleep more (that’s all I need really, about a month of solid sleep – is that too much to ask?) and then took the kids to Grandpa’s. I spent most of the day resting but then later on this afternoon felt inspired to create my space to write, sew maybe, whatever I want. So, here it is:

My space .jpg

As I said, it is a combination of functional and inspirational.

I must be honest here – part of me is cringing inside right now. I want to say that previously I would have felt like this was a bit of a silly and presumptuous thing to do. It’s so easy to listen to that voice that says, “you are way ahead of yourself, what exactly do you have to offer, why are you even considering taking this seriously…” And so on and so forth.

But how much creative potential gets stifled when we listen to that voice?

Create live.jpg

I love the essence of this Creativity Journal that is simply titled, ‘Start Now!’. Don’t overthink. Don’t limit yourself. Don’t be afraid of hard work. Don’t be afraid to dream big. TAKE RISKS. Put pen to paper, paintbrush to canvas, movement to music, posts to a blog, fingers to an instrument.

Let me show you around my space…

My space 2.jpg

-Notebook, commonplace book, books on the craft of writing, the novel I’m reading.

-Inspiring quotes and important reminders.

-My number 1 inspiration at present, my Dad.

My space 3.jpg

-A calendar to set myself some flexible goals.

-More inspiring quotes (“Start, take Action = now you’ve got something to work with!” “Connect your passions, experiences, ideas and see what happens” Kate Neckel).

-A piece of art (a print of birds on a page of the dictionary).

My space 1.jpg

-Family photos.

-Stationary basket, candle holder and even a coaster I love (I made it – not photographed).

-There is a space under the lightbulb picture at the top of the wardrobe for me to stick post-it notes with ideas on. Since taking the photo I have put two up there. I probably wouldn’t have noted down those ideas anywhere if I hadn’t set up my space today. Then they may have been forgotten or at least less likely to be produced in the near future due to my repeatedly forgetting then remembering them, over and over.

So there you have it. I am sure it will change and evolve over time. If it doesn’t then I obviously won’t have been using it properly. A couple of things are still missing… a little plant or fake flowers… a lamp… a coffee machine and snack drawer

…I’m going to need a bigger space.

Do you have a space? If not, why not? What would you put in it? Bear in mind that your space could be anywhere and for any purpose…








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  1. Hayley

    Love it Jen. Looking forward to seeing what you create.

    Jealous of your way. Mine involved wanting to rock in a corner to hide from my ever demanding children. Ha.


      • nick whitchurch

        When I was very young, the very best thing about bedtime was me and two of my brothers all sharing one bedroom… each with his own little lamp attached to his headboard. We’d sit in secret like the Dead Poets Society, with our lights on after lights out, reading,chatting and sharing and laughing… but ever ready for the sound of dad slyly opening the living room door hoping to catch us out. All he got was a triple click like castanets, and dash as he may down the hall, he’d always find us tucked up in darkness, amid surround sound of highly proficient gentle snoring. The saddest thing ever was when my elder brother was deemed old enough to warrant his own room… and the fellowship of evening banter thereafter forever broken. Now with hindsight, I strongly believe that sharing bedrooms as children is wonderful for child development and confidence.. sharing imagination and ideas…strengthening bonds and above all, happiness. The modern family leans towards ‘giving’ them their own bedrooms… unaware of what it denies them. Lucky Barns and Eddie! x.


      • Where I Write

        There has been a lot more silliness and a lot less cooperation in getting ready for bed but otherwise they seem to be doing well and I agree with you about the positives. A lovely image of camaraderie you describe! Barnaby says ‘Edith is really loud in the night.” But otherwise seems content.


  2. pamnichols

    so ‘where I write’ has somewhere to write….. we all know this can only be a good thing. Great use of time x x x feel better soon x x x


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