Bye November, it’s been fun…

Wow. NaBloPoMo ends today and it seems obvious fitting that I should write a post on the final day about the whole experience. It was a nice little reward for myself to know what I will write about and not have to fret for the entire day trying to think of something.

Here is the lowdown on the impact of the past month of blogging every day (nearly)…

  • I AM TIRED. My average bed time has moved from about 10pm to 11.30pm. Sometimes I wouldn’t have time to write before late in the evening, other times it would take me that much of the day to figure out what I was going to say. In true NaBloPoMo style I am considering putting matchsticks in my eyes to finish this before falling asleep facedown onto my computer keyboard. It has been really draining but absolutely worth it.
  • I’m less obsessive about the stats or about feedback after posting. I think this has been aided by my no longer having a smartphone. Yesterday morning, after posting, I left the house and wasn’t going to be able to check emails or anything until late afternoon and I didn’t feel jittery and frustrated by that. I am more relaxed to just put a post out there and not fret or waste time just refreshing the stats.
  • Speaking of stats, I’ve gained four new followers. I’ve had over a thousand views and last month I had half as many. I’ve had 47 likes compared to 6 last month. You get the idea…
  • I do have more time to write than I realised and I can write quickly when necessary. I’ve not done any other writing than on my blog this month, so I’m looking forward to not being 100% focussed on blog posts and perhaps committing myself to writing other things within a timeframe.
  • An interesting realisation for me has been that I do have things to write about general life that some people may find interesting and that I find interesting. My first blogging experience was after Robb died and I wrote about that and then my time in Cambodia. When I got back and got on with “normal” life my posts sort of tailed off. I think comparatively I felt life wasn’t interesting enough and I didn’t have anything noteworthy to say. I really didn’t get that writing should be and could be exactly what I wanted it to be. That people finding it engaging was ultimately, a bonus. I would like to change the “About” page on my blog to something a little less passive aggressive. But at the same time it does ring true to the ultimate purpose of my blog that I am determined to preserve as far as I can: it’s for my enjoyment, expression, therapy, creativity. Just like crochet, sewing, cooking and every other hobby I have kind of killed at various points along the way by making it necessary that they “achieve” something. Truth is, some days I’ve really not wanted to write anything. Interestingly, when I sat down feeling unable to write and that everything was getting on top of me, I wrote the poem “I Fail“, it was a real expression of exactly what I was feeling and, perhaps, what came out was a powerful piece of writing because it was so honest. Not trying to say anything about anything, but not necessarily technically sound I should say. Having said all that, I did try to achieve something this past month and put an element of pressure into this hobby and I haven’t come to the end not wanting to write ever again… So that must be good sign!

Desire to write

Thanks very much to everyone who has commented and read my blog throughout this past month. I realise that’s a lot of posts to read and I greatly appreciate the support.

Onwards and upwards!



Add Yours
  1. Ruth

    I have really enjoyed & looked forward to reading your posts this month and will miss your daily input in my life tremendously. Thank you Jeni xxc


  2. Roma

    I am SAD….! It’s been lovely having a little treat of something interesting to read everyday. I must say well done! And if you ever feel the need to do it again then you will have an avid reader ready and waiting! Sweet dreams tonight though, well deserved. Lots of love 💗 xx


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