Smile and Live

I have ticked of another of my “30 Things…”.

Art work

We collected this from the framer’s today. A piece of life drawing I did approximately ten years ago. It was my favourite piece out of all the life drawing I completed. The model was pregnant, which I was fascinated by at the time. I was experimenting with using a palette knife for the first time at the end of a session and I like that it’s unfinished. That it’s rough and expressive. It’s A1 size so with the frame the whole thing is pretty large and will go above the fireplace in our bedroom.

I’m glad I had this to write about today because today has been good, but in the quiet moments; painful. It is Robb’s birthday. He would have been 33.

Well, that’s all I want to say because I don’t want to make myself feel hideous before a fun night out with my friends. Sometimes it’s good to get it out, other times… ’nuff said.

So I’m going to enjoy my new hair, boots and lippy.

And smile and LIVE.


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