“Why arguing with God is not the same as not believing in him”


Poor guy. But a great opportunity to reinforce his helpful message. Slightly more gracious response than Sir Alan Sugar’s tweet to OK! magazine after they reported that he had slammed Cheryl’s weight after seeing her on X-Factor and saying she looked too thin.

“Bunch of liars. No slamming. Go to hell.” Was the gist of it.

At the weekend, I protested myself. I told God for the first time in eight months that I was a bit ticked off with the way life had turned out. I didn’t want to lose my Dad. Why did it happen? I didn’t want it.

I can be so quick to accept the way life can go that I don’t necessarily acknowledge all I’m truly feeling.

And it needs to be said. I can trust God and still tell Him I don’t like what has happened.

After I felt loved, and I felt peace.



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