I’ve no iPhone: update

It’s now been two weeks since I lost my iPhone and I thought I’d write about how it’s going so far with my retro Nokia 106.

In summary: I mostly don’t give a hoot.

I’m going to be concise, because it’s already late. Here are the pros:

  1. I am not fretting about losing or breaking something that is expensive. Apparently I easily lose this thing that is expensive. I also don’t need to panic and get snappy when my kids run off with it.
  2. I do feel more present when I’m out and about with my friends and family and it’s lovely.
  3. It’s hard to really quantify but I feel I just get more done. The first Sunday without my iPhone I baked mini quiche snacks, made chocolate energy balls, made dinner from scratch, sorted summer clothes and shoes into bags for the loft, sat with my kids, wrote an email to a friend abroad, facetimed my Grandparents, read an article and wrote a blog post… We went to church in the morning and saw Spectre in the evening so I did all this in an afternoon.
  4.  I’ve more power to resist the beckoning Social Media and emails that dupe me into thinking I need to check them constantly. The following picture clarifies quite well why I end up feeling as though I’m wasting time but struggle to really pin down what I’m actually doing with my time…


Now, there are some cons:

  1. I can’t take photos easily. There have been moments (such as my son opting to push his Thomas, plane and yellow crane in a pink pushchair down the street to my friend’s house) where I’ve felt the loss of not being able to capture an event so readily.  I have a small digital camera but from first holding the shutter down it literally takes about 4-5 seconds before it actually takes the shot. That is a very long time. I looked for a smaller memory card than 8gb thinking it may have been slowing it down having so much memory, but none such exist nowadays it seems. It’s not because it’s old, it did that from the start. Ultimately, I just haven’t felt a devastating loss in this way by any means and the positive is that I took my DSLR away to my Mum’s and though the quantity of shots wasn’t there, the quality was. Generally, I don’t get that lovely piece of photography equipment out enough. I may upgrade to a crappy Nokia with a camera though for those in the moment moments.
  2. I am probably missing calls and I have to faff about giving a different number because I haven’t unlocked the phone yet. Easy issue to remedy.
  3. I have missed some apps at times (Seven, Metoffice, Period Tracker) but can probably get a few of them on my iPad. I already have the most important app on my iPad – Elf Yourself.
  4. Predictive text is a tad annoying but really not a big…

*some text missing*





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