a good couple of weeks for ’30 Things…’

I have achieved several of my ’30 Things To Do Before I am 30′ list in the last couple of weeks! Two weeks ago I posted a letter to a friend and cooked something I’ve not made before (raw chocolate brownies from Madeleine Shaw’s book Get the Glow). They were nice and our dinner guest had a second helping so if that’s not a thumbs up I don’t know what is!

The weekend before last J and I went away for a night. It’s not a weekend but it’s our first night away since before having children (you’ve got to start somewhere).

It. Was. Glorious. It was quite something to wake up the next morning with it light outside having not woken once in-between. It was a beautiful setting, amazing food, and quality time together that I greatly enjoyed. We switched off all tech and it was most pleasant.

The Wiremill Inn/The Wiremill Sleep Boutique
The Wiremill Inn/The Wiremill Sleep Boutique

I’m glad to say it made up for the night before our actual anniversary. Kids didn’t get the memo and decided to both wake up… there was a poo and two wee leaking incidents (all child number two) in the space of an hour. Child number one unable to settle because of child number two. One of those night’s where you think, each issue that arose rarely happens by itself let alone all of them in one night in quick succession!! We woke up on our anniversary in a stupor and in separate beds each with a child. One of those night’s where I think about it over the following days and feel convinced someone played some sort of sick joke on us.

I have also started another ‘thing’, which is to do a photo gallery on our stairs.

Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery

Watch this space…

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