poetry: No Words

I have decided to quickly write this post before I lose my nerve. Last week I wrote my first poem. It is amateur at best but I was feeling particularly weighed down by the sense of loss I am constantly faced with so grabbed my notebook and decided it might help to write… something. This poem came out and, surprisingly to me, the weight lifted and five minutes later I was able to laugh with Joe (not at my poem). I am choosing to swallow my pride and share it on my blog because really, it’s not about the end result but the process and may inspire you to express yourself and find some release.

Or, perhaps you will relate to the feeling it conveys. Or maybe you’ll just laugh at me and be on your way (don’t tell me though, I don’t fancy critique’s just yet…!).


I want to write but there are no words,

Does it matter?

Nothing there, just the deepest ocean,

Of anguish.

A constant trickle,

Drip, drip, dripping,

No, a tidal wave,

Its weight crushing.

Will the ebb and flow cease?

Then, I must ride the waves,

Swaying, staying afloat,

Feeling the cool breeze, of a moment, soothe my soul.


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