So, I still don’t have 30 things… any more ideas?

I have done loads of new recipes this month… I haven’t written any letters… totally failed at the hands-free thing (I forget and the bad habits creep back!)… not yet done something with a family member – but there’s still time for that!… I have booked Nana to have the kids for a night so Joe and I can go away early September and we may go and see Curious Incident (check, check!).

This list isn’t about proving anything to anyone, least of all myself. I shan’t be entertaining feelings of failure in any way shape or form. It’s something to enrich my life, not add pressure. This is something I’ve learnt about God over the years. He wants to enrich our iives, not cage us into a boring, nice, irrelevant, push-over, rule-abiding, limited-ness. That’s good writing right there.

He just wants us to know that feeling of being loved – perfectly, completely, unconditionally. The things that matter to us, no matter how small, matter to him.

An example… since moving into our new house we’ve needed more storage furniture. I’ve been watching several things on ebay over the 3 months we have lived there and we just haven’t felt peaceful about spending the kind of money needed for the things we were looking at. I was feeling so frustrated we couldn’t fully unpack and asked God to provide because… I know He cares. I was more patient than usual, not just throwing down cash for the first thing I saw but eventually I got to the point of thinking, let’s just go for this one I’d seen that I like but we didn’t really feel we could afford, because it was SO hard to find one that ticked all the boxes and the mess was getting to me… 10 minutes after I text Joe suggesting that we got it, my Auntie text to say they had 2 pieces of furniture they wanted to give us! TWO! Things that I love, that more than do the job, that cost the hire of a van and fuel to collect…

We also got given a gorgeous lamp stand on the same day I was toying with buying a £45 one. He loves to bless us! How do you receive it for yourself? Believe that He wants to (and sometimes wait for Him to). That is all.

Involve God in more of your life, even the little things, and He’ll DO more in your life.

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