30 things… a few more

9. Finish books I’ve started (Wolf Hall & sequel, Life of Pi, Hands Free Mama, Siblings without Rivalry, Becoming Myself, The Problem of Pain, The Chimp Paradox, The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes, The People’s Queen, ‘So Anyway…’ John Cleese Autobiograohy, and any others, definitely plenty of Christian ones unfinished!)

10. Visit a special restaurant, like Heston’s

11. Cook something new every month

12. Practise one piano piece and become proficient at playing it

13. Write letters and send them to people

14. Do something special with close family members individually

15. Be hands free as a family for 24hrs every week (Friday 4.30pm-sat 4.30pm) using phones as phones only and just where necessary. No TV or screens of any kind. Also, only check fb once a day.

16. Go on a weekend away with Joe

17. Go on a retreat

18. Give a gift every month, not including birthdays or holidays, could be time or something tangible

19. Make a photo gallery up our stairs

20. Frame and put up my artwork

21. Make a scrapbook about my Dad so I can look through it with the children


Add Yours
  1. Ruth

    I might have to come up with a list but before I’m 36 (35 next month so wouldn’t work) these are great and exciting, I love the hands free idea, gift and lots of the others. Enjoy completing your list xx


    • Nicola

      Definitely everyone needs to schedule in as I call it ‘off the grid’ time. Even more so around people. I’ve come to love the iPhone ‘do not disturb’ button that silences everything (even vibrate) and puts your phone to answer machine unless rung twice in quick succession.
      I also had a time where I allowed myself to check my notifications on fb but banned newsfeed scrolling!


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