30 things to do before I’m 30!

I stole this idea from a friend. I think Dad would have loved it and it gives me a fun focus for the next year. I’m struggling to think of them though, any suggestions?

This is my list so far…

1. See Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime play
2. Read The Hobbit
3. Make myself a garment of clothing
4. Make Barnaby a blanket
5. Make Edith a blanket
6. Make myself a patchwork blanket
7. Eat lobster

8. Throw a pot

… Nowhere near 30 just now. Help!



Add Yours
  1. Rachelle

    I will join you in doing number 1 and number 8!

    How about learning something new…? You have proved skill in many an area, so try something new, different…? (Does it need to be more specific than that?😕)



  2. Where I Write

    This is a good idea… Maybe a random online course?! A free one…
    Throwing pots would be something new. I was going to do a course at the beginning of this year, I think they do it in the pottery painting cafe on North Street in Brighton, maybe we should go and do it one Saturday? More doable then committing to a course.


  3. ezelie

    Here’s what I can recall from my 30 before 30 list (keeping in mind I did not have 2 gorgeous toddlers keeping me on my toes like you do). Maybe something will spark an idea.

    – I wanted the majority of my list to be fun things but I did have a few projects I had been putting off but knew I would feel accomplished and happy if they were done by 30. One was finishing a few photo albums and one was purging/organizing my books.

    – Read 12 books in the 12 months leading up to my birthday. I ended up putting all the books I already owned, wanted to read but had not on a shelf and then choosing one per month (alternating theology, fiction, non fiction).

    – Cook one new dish a month…maybe something I had always wanted to make or knew was someone special’s favorite meal or involved a few more ingredients and prep time than normal.

    – See a Broadway show

    – Throw away my to do list/ no planned errands or chores for a weekend. Full on spontaneity. Since I’m far too Type A, I ended up having a friend surprise me with picking a weekend for me and everything we did that weekend was spur of the moment and relaxing.

    – make a quilt.
    -Run my third marathon on 3/3 for my 30th.
    – plan something fun for my mom and sisters as I had never done anything just with them and not the rest of the family.
    – finally eat at a restaurant I always say “I should really go there sometime”
    – take a nap, no guilt allowed (bonus if you wake up and the house is clean and dinner is ready for you!)
    – the next time I see something and think “oh so and so would love that” actually buy it randomly and send it to them
    – respond to every flagged email in my inbox. Just for one day have a completely empty inbox.
    – do one thing that scares me
    – write something for publication
    – spend a day/weekend in a place I have never been to before
    – send a birthday gift on my 30th birthday to someone who really needs a little love in their life. I’ve actually done this every birthday for the past 10 and it’s my favorite part of the day. I’ve sent flowers to two single ladies and a stay at home mum who were discouraged about life/had bad weeks, sent gifts to friends dealing with grief and cancer, etc. this was the 30th item on my list – Be generous to others on my special day.

    After I finished my list, I sent it to some friends and family to see what items they wanted to accomplish with me. That was the best part – making tangible plans to look forward to months in advance. I hope your list is FUN and yes, your Dad would have suggested lots of fun things to add. I know this because at a charity event the year I lived in Worthing, he challenged me to make a list of experiences I wanted while in England and then make them happen.

    Love you,


  4. Where I Write

    Thanks so much Liz! I’ve added about 10 more ideas thanks to your comment. You’ve always struck me as someone who is very intentional about their time and lives a full life, and it inspires me. Thanks for sharing that memory about my Dad, it made me smile.
    Much love xxx


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