i am sugar-free

Well, I have undertaken a feat I never thought I would….

I have quit sugar.

I’ve always loved my food, never particularly having a substantial sweet tooth… or so I thought! I was always quite fussy about desserts and cakes as many were too sickly for me. No trifle, no victoria sponge, no tirimasu… black forest gateau?! Yuck. The trigger for this lifestyle change (not diet) was finding out that cancer feeds off fructose. Two people in my family are suffering, or have recently suffered with this disease. I completely believe that God loves to work with us on these things. He can heal in an instant, yet he wants us to care for the bodies we were given. I wanted to make some sugar-free recipes for my Dad and found myself thinking… Why aren’t I eating like this? Why aren’t my children eating like this? I believe God has led me to this point to start implementing change for myself and my family.

Teeth are another reason… you only get one set. My teeth used to hurt, two weeks in to this and they have stopped hurting. Enough said.

I feel good. I feel a sustained energy. Before, I would have a couple of big slumps in the day where I would feel like I can’t possibly go on. How can I get through the rest of the afternoon with two children, dinner to make, bedtime to survive? I would feel miserable with it. I would also feel weak and drained and like I had low iron a lot, which I put down to breastfeeding. That wasn’t incorrect I’m sure, but only because I was eating more crap than nutritious foods and breastfeeding was sapping what it could get of the nutritious and leaving me with nadda. I have also benefited from the reduced gluten. Less bloating and other digestive issues, which I’d often put down to stress.

I don’t want to be a slave to food. I often put it down to my own bad attitudes or strongholds, spiritually. I am seeking comfort from food and drink when I should be looking to God… True, to an extent. But if sugar is more addictive than cocaine, I was having to overcome a huge physical urge to not eat more food, whether feeling good or bad. The negative feelings weren’t the driving force behind wanting sugar, it was the sugar itself. Now that my body has recalibrated I am able to stop eating when full and snack only when i really need to. I am not responding to a craving but an empty feeling.

On Saturday, as a family we walked into our local town to the Artisan market. Sampled some delicious savoury food, bought some cheese from grass-fed cows and enjoyed some freshly cooked Turkish Borek. My nearly 3-year old son seemed to really enjoy the experience of trying these things and I hope we can raise him to appreciate good, clean, healthy, fun, satisfying food.

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